Students in Yr 12 and Scottish Yr 5 who want to make an informed choice about technology-based subjects. Broad-based courses provide information on several subjects, Focus courses concentrate on a single discipline, Insight courses are for girls only and Science and Society courses provide information on a range of Science subjects. If you are not a British subject, your application may take longer to review and the course charged at full cost (places are heavily subsidised). First preference is for those with British nationality. We do not guarantee to place every applicant.




If you are unsure whether a science or engineering degree is for you, our broad-based courses will be most suitable. For those who want to concentrate on a particular discipline, we have a range of Focus courses: subjects include Aerospace, Mechanical, Chemical, Marine, Civil, Computing, Materials, The Physical Sciences, and Systems.

Science and Society courses are designed for those interested in a scientific career but need help in finding an appropriate course.

Insight is for girls who prefer to study in a female environment. Where these run concurrently with others, social activities or cultural visits may be taken together.



by introducing different branches of science, engineering and technology
by providing hands-on experience of real practical problems
by identifying sources of funding and support
by showing what it’s like to study for a degree at university
by helping you decide to which university you should apply
YOU APPLY FOR A PLACE at the Headstart website. Then download the Application Form as it contains areas for your parents and teacher to complete. Successful applicants will be notified by Headstart in March and required then to pay the course fee – amount in pounds is shown as the numeric part of the course code. Ensure you provide five course options – we need these in case your preferences are full.


APPLICATION FORMS must be posted to Headstart before 28 February of the course year. Dates may change so check the website in December. Any Offer of a Place will confirm dates and the university will provide Joining Instructions one month before the course starts. Offers are mailed to successful applicants by Headstart during March of the course year.


YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY a course fee and travel costs there and back. The course fee is shown as the numeric part of the course code: e.g. CAR/210 explains the cost to attend Headstart at Cardiff is £210. Accommodation costs during the course are included in the fee. Financial assistance may be available and some schools will help with the fee or travel costs. You should ask at school first.